Interrupting Chicken Coloring Pages

David Ezra Stein was born in Brooklyn, New York. When Stein is not writing he enjoys playing the cello, rock climbing and walking in the woods. When designing the chickens for Interrupting Chicken, Stein said he did “a hundred different drawings of the chicken” before he decided which one he liked the most. His books have been translated in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and Finnish. He attended the School of Design in Manhattan. Stein decided to pursue a children’s book career with the encouragement of Pat Cummings. After graduation, for a short time he was a display artist, puppeteer, puppet builder, interior and set design illustrator, and a New York cartoonist. In 2006 his first book was published, Cowboy Ned and Andy. Stein’s idea behind Interrupting Chicken came from a childhood knock knock joke that he enjoyed.

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