Jet Pack Coloring Pages

In 1958, Garry Burdett and Alexander Bohr, Thiokol Corporation engineers, created a Jump Belt which they named Project Grasshopper. Thrust was created by high-pressure compressed nitrogen. Two small nozzles were affixed to the belt and directed vertically downward. The wearer of the belt could open a valve, letting out nitrogen from the gas cylinder through the nozzles, which tossed him upward to a height of 7 m (23 ft). After leaning forward, it was possible with the aid of the jump belt’s thrust to run at 45 to 50 km/h (28 to 31 mph). Later, Burdett and Bohr tested a hydrogen peroxide-powered version. The jump belt was demonstrated by a serviceman in action,[citation needed] but as no financing was forthcoming, there was no further testing.

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