Mermaid Melody Hanon Coloring Pages

A total of six theme songs were composed for the anime. The first opening theme, “Taiyō no Rakuen ~Promised Land~” (太陽の楽園 ~Promised Land~, lit. “Paradise of the Sun ~Promised Land~”) by Miyuki Kanbe, and the first ending theme “Daiji na Takarabako” (大事な宝箱, lit. “Important Treasure Box”) by Asumi Nakata, are used in the first 28 episodes. For 29th to the 52nd episodes, “Rainbow Notes♪” by Kanbe and “Sekai de Ichiban Hayaku Asa ga kuru Basho” (世界で一番早く朝が来る場所, lit. “The Place Where Morning Comes First”) by Nakata, Hitomi Terakado, and Mayumi Asano, are the second opening and ending themes respectively. For Pure, the opening theme is “Before the Moment” by Eri Kitamura while “Ai no Ondo °C” (愛の温度℃, lit. “The Temperature of Love°C”) by Nakata, Terakado, and Asano is the ending song.

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