Monster Girl Coloring Pages

A new Guardians of the Globe is formed, but Mark declines membership; he begins dating Amber Bennett. Meanwhile, the Mauler Twins dig up and revive the Immortal, leader of the Guardians. The Immortal attacks Omni-Man, who kills him again in Mark’s presence. Omni-Man reveals that the Viltrumites are actually a warrior race who conquer planets for their Empire, killing anyone who refuses to join. He was sent to Earth as an advance agent and killed the Guardians in preparation for the invasion. Mark, refusing his father’s request to join the Viltrumites, tries to fight him but is almost killed before Omni-Man flies off planet in tears. Mark is rescued by the U. S. government and introduced to Cecil Steadman, who is in charge of protecting the planet. Cecil used to inform Omni-Man of potential threats and offers Mark the same deal while financially supporting both his education and family. Allen the Alien returns to tell Mark that Earth is going to be invaded by the Viltrumites.

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