Pilgrim Houses Coloring Pages

The Eastern Pilgrim House or the “Haifa Pilgrim House” is a Pilgrim House for Baháʼís when they go on pilgrimage. The house was built after ʻAbdu’l-Bahá interred the remains of the Báb on Mount Carmel. The construction of this stone building was supervised Mírzá Jaʼfar Rahmání of ʻIshqábád, who also paid all the expenses. It is known as the “Eastern Pilgrim House”, as for decades it housed the Persian pilgrims. After 1951, when the Western Pilgrim House at 10 Haparsim Street became the seat of the International Baháʼí Council, it became the Pilgrim House for all pilgrims. In 1969 the decision was taken to accommodate pilgrims in hotels, so that the Pilgrim House could be converted into a pilgrim centre.

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