Super Diaper Baby Coloring Pages

Danger Dog and Deputy Dangerous escape prison to their secret lab, where the latter invents a crib device connected by satellite that they deliver to the Hopkins under euphemistic pseudonyms, “Deputy Un-Dangerous” and “Safety Dog”. Billy poops before midnight, and Mary gives him a very nice bath just as the “Heat-Seeking Dish” turns on. The device transits the poop, turning Deputy Dangerous into a small piece of turd. The next morning, Deputy Dangerous invents the “Robo-Ant 2000” so he can take over the world, but Danger Dog coins the name “Deputy Doo-Doo”, then changes signs around. Billy hears the robot, but is taken by Deputy Doo-Doo to a nuclear power plant. Danger Dog saves Billy, while the Ant falls into the power plant instead. Bill and Mary want to keep “Safety Dog”, but the Landlord worries that Danger Dog might stain the carpet, but changes his mind when they put a diaper on him and rename him Diaper Dog.

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