The Seven Sacraments Coloring Pages

Dogma includes divine revelation, i. e. , the word of God (bible and tradition) and the word of God incarnate (Jesus), and truths connected to divine revelation. The sacraments, divinely instituted, are dogma and are part of the liturgy, that is, public worship. As dogma is immutable, Baptism cannot be changed to allow a non-Trinitarian formula, the Eucharist cannot be changed to allow unrepentant sinners to receive Jesus, Matrimony cannot be changed to allow gay marriage, and Holy Orders cannot be changed to allow priestesses. The church believes all of the sacraments work ex opere operato as manifestations of Jesus’ actions and words during his life, and that according to dogma Jesus commanded the apostles to baptize with the Trinitarian formula, instituted the Eucharist with the Last Supper, made marriage sacramental at the wedding at Cana, called the twelve apostles to himself, and otherwise instituted and commanded the other sacraments.

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